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Static IP Set-up for Ubuntu 11.10 and later

  1. On the Network Icon at the top right conner, click, and select the bottom option "Edit connections".
  2. In the pop-out, select the "Wired" Tab
  3. Select "Wired Connection 1" or the name of your present wired connection. You could identify it by reading the comment under the "Last used" column, where it says "Now".
  4. On the Right, click "Edit".
  5. In the new pop-out, under connection name, you may name it however you want, we advice "MIT-LAN"
  6. Next, select the "IPv4-Setting" Tab.
  7. Click on "Method", and in the drop down menu, select "Manual"
  8. Under "Addresses", click on "Add".
  9. Under "Address" enter in your assigned IP Address CAREFULLY.
  10. Under "Netmask" enter your SubNet Mask CAREFULLY.
  11. Under "Gateway", enter your GateWay CAREFULLY.
  12. In the DNS servers space, copy and paste this in that space:,,
  13. Click on "Save" and you're Done. Close the Window.

To Test, open your favorite browser, and try for example.

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April 06, 2014

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