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Q: Setting up Exchange on a Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8)


  1. On your Nokia Lumia 920, running Windows Phone 8, locate and select the Envelope icon.
    Home screen

  2. On the Add An Account page, select Outlook.
    Add an account screen

  3. On the Outlook setup page, enter the following information.
    • Email Address: (Your MIT email address)
    • Password: Your Keberos password
      Setup page

      then select, Sign in.
  4. On the following Outlook setup page, enter in the following information.
    • Email Address: (Your MIT email address)
    • Password: Your Kerberos password
    • User name: Your MIT username without the
    • Domain:
      Following setup page

      then select, Sign in.
  5. Your Exchange setup is now complete. To verify that Exchange is synchronizing with your device, open up each individual application, e.g. Email, Calendar, and Contact. It may take a few minutes for each application to download your data.
    Email inbox screen

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April 21, 2016

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