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Set Up MIT Exchange on a Android 5.0

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Under the Accounts section, select Add Account.

  3. In the pop-up window, select Corporate (or Exchange on newer versions).

  4. On the next screen, enter your e-mail and password. Once you are finished, select Manual Setup.

  5. On the next screen, select Exchange.

  6. When the Exchange server settings screen appears, enter in the following information:
    • Server:
    • Security type: SSL/TLS
    • Use client certificate: (None)
    • Tap Next.

  7. You might be asked to Set up a lock screen PIN or password at this point if you have not done so before.

  8. A Remote Security Administration window will appear, select OK (required).

  9. The Account Options screen will appear. Choose the options that best fit your preference.

  10. The next screen will ask you to name the account. Name it and select Next.

  11. Before your account downloads to the device, you will see a prompt asking to update your security settings. Once you select OK, an "Activate Device Administrator prompt will appear, select Activate (required).

    As with the previous EAS prompt, this is a default prompt from the device. MIT IS&T does not remotely control user devices.
  • At this point, your MIT Exchange account is now setup.
    To verify that Exchange is synchronizing with your device, open up each individual application, e.g. Email, Calendar, and Contact. It may take a few minutes for each application to download your data.

NOTE: If prompted for these values/fields



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May 12, 2017

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