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Sections - Only Recitations will show up on the Stellar home page

Learning Modules Help - Managing Sections

  • In the old Stellar Membership functionality, all sections were Recitations.
  • Now there is a choice between Recitation, Lecture, etc., but only Recitations will populate to the Stellar home page, and create Stellar subsites.
    • Advantage to subsites: Lecturers can post their own announcements, assignments, materials, etc.
  • Membership module gives the ability to import sections from MITSIS, as opposed to creating them manually; however, they will come over from MITSIS exactly as they are set up there. If they are set up as lectures, they will not be fed to Stellar home page, and subsites will not be created. We are working with Stellar support to clarify whether this is the desired functionality for Membership module.

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June 19, 2016

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