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SAPgui - Using Open Text Viewer to display attached documents

  1. Go to the Summary Statement by entering ZSTM as the "Fast Path" and clicking on the green and white checkmark.

    Result: The Summary Statement selection options screen displays.
    :Summary statement options screen"

  2. Enter the appropriate month, fiscal year and cost center/cost object then click on the Execute button:

    Result: The Summary Statement displays.
    Summary statement

  3. Locate the GL account that you would like a Detail Transaction report on and click on it.
    Result: The Detail Transaction Report displays.
    Detail transaction report

  4. Double-click on the line of the item that you want to view.
    Result: The Display Document: Overview screen displays. The Document Header: CUR Company Code pop-up box displays on top.
  5. Click on the green and white check mark in the Document Header: CUR Company Code pop-up box.
    Result: The Display Document: Overview screen displays.
  6. Go to Environment > Additional Assignments > Object Links.
  7. At the security prompt for AlViewer or AppletViewer appears, Choose Allow.
    Result: The Open Text Archive/vu screen displays showing the scanned image.
  8. Go to File > Print to print the document.

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November 23, 2016

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