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Resources for PDR Leads and PDR Admins

Audience: Those in each PDR-participating organization who have been assigned the PDR Lead or PDR Admin role

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Where can I find documents from the PDR Team?

See Documents for PDR Leads and Admins

How do I help employees get support for technical PDR questions?

  • Send questions to the IS&T Help Desk by email.
  • For best results, provide:
    • user’s name and contact info;
    • browser and operating-system info;
    • as many details as possible.
  • Users who prefer phone: 617-253-1101
    • Ask to speak with a Business Help team member

What can HRIS help me with, and how do I request their help?

  • HRIS can help with
    • PDR Admin functions or Reports
    • Mismatches between Employee’s profile and SAP / Data Warehouse / People Directory
    • Wrong form(s) for an employee
      • PDR vs P-D-R
      • Admin or Clinical Staff with only one year’s form
    • Errors in (or updates to) reporting relationships
    • Bugs in the system
    • Help when you’re stumped
  • To request help from HRIS:
    • Contact the PDR Tech group by email.
      • Our role is 2nd Tier support. To avoid bouncing people back and forth, please keep this email list for your use (rather than giving it out to employees and managers). Thank you!
    • You may also call Mike MacDonald (253-9371) Riley Hart (452-4514) or Clayton Ward (253-0677).

How do I update the list of PDR contacts for my organization?

How do I use PDR Admin Tools?

Both PDR Lead and PDR Admin have access to these functions:

  • Route Form
    • move a form forward or backward one step in the process, or skip steps
  • Delete Form
    • remove a form for an employee who has left MIT or a form that was created in error
  • Restore Deleted Form
    • undo the deletion of a form
  • Change Form Dates
    • extend the year-end-review deadline for a form or, more rarely, change the goal-setting start date

See the overall instructions for PDR Admin Tools

For additional information, see also

How do I find out about a Form's Status?

Looking up the status of employees' forms can be helpful in determining whether and when to send reminders to employees, managers, or even the whole organization.

For PDR Admins

See the instructions for the PDR Admin Forms List report

For PDR Leads

See the Forms List Report and the Dashboard 2.0 Form Status Workflow report in this documentation.

You can also see which forms are overdue by running the Dashboard 2.0 Forms Overdue report (in the same documentation).

  • Note that MIT's PDR is currently configured with only a final due date, for the end of the annual review. Due dates are not set for the goal-setting and mid-year-update phases. So no forms will appear in this report until after the year-end deadline has passed (May 31 for Admin and Clinical Staff, and February 28 for Support Staff).

How do I find a list of employees and their profile information?

Producing a full list of your organization's employees and their profile information can help you verify whether, for instance, everyone has the correct manager.

For PDR Admins

See the instructions for the Employee Profiles – for Admins and HROs report

For PDR Leads

See the Employee Profiles – for PDR Leads report in this documentation.

How can I see the content of an employee's form? (PDR Leads only)

The following functionality is available only to PDR Leads, as the PDR Admin role does not include access to see employees' forms.

PDR Leads can see:

Why isn't the full list of employees displaying below my Dashboard 2.0 report?

Assuming you've already clicked on a bar or segment of the ring chart, this may be a browser-related problem. In some installations of Safari, the scroll bars are not displayed and are not easy to find. To solve the problem, configure the Mac to always display scroll bars:

Follow the menu path: Apple icon (top left) => System Preferences => General tab => Show scroll bars: Select Always

What happens in PDR when an employee terminates?

...or transfers out of the PDR-participating population?

The person’s record will be marked “inactive” in PDR with the next update of data from SAP. The person’s completed PDR forms from prior years will be left as is. The person’s in-process form(s) will be “deleted” in SuccessFactors terminology – which really just means archived, since a deleted form can be retrieved at any time if needed.

If the terminating person is a manager, their direct reports’ in-process forms will be transferred to the new manager. This goes most smoothly if the new manager is specified in PDR before the previous manager is made inactive

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November 02, 2015

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