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Request Self-Service Migration to Zoom Phone Service

The information below is intended for the Zoom Phone Service. If you're not sure what phone system you're using, see How do I tell if my number is on Zoom Phone Service or Broadsoft for phone service? If you are not using the Zoom Phone Service, see the Telephony Landing Page.

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Owners or admins of eligible accounts can request migration to Zoom via a self-service option in the portal. Once you request migration, your number will be migrated to Zoom Phone Service that evening if requested before 5PM or the next evening if requested after that time.

Your current Broadsoft account will be deleted and no settings will be migrated to Zoom. Any voicemails stored on the server will also be deleted. For more information, see: What should I review in Broadsoft before my number is migrated to Zoom Phone service?

Request Migration

  1. Go to This requires Touchstone authentication.
  2. Click on the phone number of the account you want to be migrated.
    Result: You will be shown the details on the phone number you selected. If scheduled, you will see the date of the evening your number will be migrated to Zoom Phone Service. If eligible, you will also see a Migrate Account to Zoom button that will allow you to move your migration date up to the next available migration time.

    Not all numbers have been scheduled or are eligible for migration at this time. Those without a migration date/button will be handled in a later phase of the Zoom Phone Service migration effort.

  3. Hit the *Migrate Account to Zoom* button.
    Result: You will see a confirmation similar to the one below. If it's before 5PM, the account will be migrated that evening. If it's after 5PM, it will be migrated the following evening.

  4. Any settings you had on Broadsoft will be lost when your account is recreated in Zoom. To ensure you can recreate your configuration, see: What settings should I review in Broadsoft before the move to Zoom Phone service to ensure I can recreate my call settings in the new system?

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