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Redacting PII from an ID verification photo

In order to reset your MIT Kerberos password, the Service Desk needs to first make sure that the request is coming from the Kerberos account holder. We do this by asking you to email us a photograph of yourself holding a photo ID. Your MIT ID card is the best photo ID to use, but any ID that shows your face and name are acceptable. For your protection, we do ask you to avoid using a photo ID that contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as date of birth, SSN, or home address. If the only photo ID you have available contains PII, this article outlines how to edit out (redact) that information before sending to the IS&T Service Desk:

Redacting an image on iOS

  • Open the photo on your iOS device, tap Edit in the upper right.
  • In the next screen, tap the Marker icon in the upper right to enter Markup mode.
  • Tap on the Plus icon all the way on the right side of the toolbar.
  • Tap on the Square shape.
  • You should now see a box shape on your image.
  • Tap the Fill icon on the left side of the toolbar. It’s directly to the left of the black color.
  • Now, tap on the filled-in box on the left side.
  • Finally, maneuver your new filled-in box shape over the piece of information you’d like to censor.

Redacting an image on Android

  • Open the photo you want to edit in the built-in Photos app on your Android device.
  • Choose Options (three dots) > Edit in Markup > Marker tool (the one that looks like it has a small clip attached to it)
  • Use the Marker tool to cover the information you'd like to censor.
  • You may also find these instructions for Google Photos or these for Samsung users helpful if the above instructions do not pertain to your exact device and operating system.

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May 24, 2022

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