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Q: Profile Migration Software

If you are joining a machine to the domain for the first time, or moving a machine from one domain to another, you may notice that a user will have a different profile when they log in. For instance, localprofile\username vs domainprofile\username are two very separate profiles on the machine. This means when a user who used to log in locally then logs in to their domain account, they won't see any of their files or folders, bookmarks, etc. To get around this, you can manually copy files over to the profile which can be a very time consuming process. For machines with terabytes of data this could take hours.

IS&T instead offers profile migration software that reduces the time to under 30 seconds regardless of the size of the profile. This software is called the ForensiT User Profile Wizard. It uses a mix of ACL editing / file ownership changes / and links on disk to leave files where they are but make them accessible to both users.

This software can be downloaded from the IS&T Software Grid.

  • Search for "ForensIT User Profile Wizard" under title search.
How to use:

This software can be run manually or be scripted. Both steps are outlined below:

Required for both methods:

  • Manually remove machine from old domain (if applicable).
  • Join machine to domain and reboot.
  • Log in as a local administrator account (do not log in to profile you want to copy!).
  • Copy profwiz.exe, profwiz.config, and if desired CopyProfile.cmd to the desktop. (instructions for cmd script below)

Manually running the software:

  • Run profwiz.exe from the desktop. If you get a license error, ensure you copied Profwiz.config as well to the same location.
  • Click next, then next.
  • Domain:
    • Uncheck "Join domain"
  • Enter name of the Kerberos ID of the user.
    • Uncheck "Set as default logon"
  • Select local profile for user who matches the above Kerberos ID (the names may be different, that is fine).
  • Click next. Migration process will begin.
  • Have user log in to domain, everything should look good!

Scripting the software:

  • A simple script can speed the process, and there are many tweaks that can be made to the script by reviewing the User Guide. You can also run "profwiz.exe /?" from a command prompt to see the various flags.
  • To create a basic script copy the below text into your favorite text editor and save it as ProfMigration.cmd

set /p LocalName=Enter local username to be migrated:%=%
set /p DomainName=Enter domain username to be migrated to:%=%
profwiz /domain /nojoin /localaccount %LocalName% /account %DomainName% /nodefault /noreboot

  • Run the script by right clicking it and selecting "Run as Administrator." Enter the local username and hit enter, then enter the domain username and hit enter. If successful, script will say "Migration Complete!" at the end. By adding a pause to the script, you can see the results before the window closes.
  • Have user log in to domain, everything should look good!

For assistance with this software please contact

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October 08, 2015

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