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Post-Migration and Modern Authentication Office 365 Email and Calendaring Setup

Please see the Office 365 Pre-Migration Information article for details about what to do before migrating your account.

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During mailbox migrations, there will be a brief service interruption on your mail clients. Outlook for PC and Outlook for Mac do not generally require intervention to use Modern Authentication. They will switch automatically. Mobile device apps and other clients more frequently require you to delete and re-add your account. Deleting and re-adding does not affect any of the data stored on the server, no data is at risk of loss. After you re-add, you will be required to authenticate through Touchstone.

Below are steps for getting up and running on the most popular mail clients in use by the MIT community.

For more information on the switch to requiring Modern Authentication (Touchstone), see: Why can't I login to my Office 365 account using just my username and password?

For any questions surrounding errors you encounter or strange behavior, please contact

Email Clients

Workstations (Laptop and Desktop)


Windows 10



Mobile Devices

In general the solution for mobile devices is to delete and re-add your MIT email account.



The native android mail application will not work with Modern Authentication (Touchstone). You'll need to download and configure the Outlook app, which is part of the O365 mobile suite.

Email Alias Moria list Setup

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April 05, 2022

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