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Networking in the Dorms

Undergraduates and graduate students at MIT living in dormitories have access to MITnet through a wired and wireless network connection in their dorm room. Each dorm room is equipped with at least one ethernet data port per resident and complete 802.11b/g/a/n wireless coverage. Connecting to the network and internet is as easy as opening your computer, selecting the MIT wireless network or plugging in an ethernet cable and following a quick registration process.

Getting started on the MIT network

1. Obtain a Computer:

MIT Information Services and Technology recommends Intel-based PC systems and Apple Macintosh computers and supports them with free anti-virus software, cables and connection assistance. The systems on the published recommended list have been tested by IS&T for compatibility with MITnet and with applications commonly used on campus (this list is updated regularly). Linux workstations can also be connected to MITnet, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Athena workstations are supported.

2. Obtain a network cable or connect to the "MIT SECURE" wireless network:

Network cables can be obtained from the Athena Consulting Office in building E19 or by asking the IS&T Service Desk. You can request a cable by filling out a help request at The MIT SECURE wireless network is a secured (encrypted) network which relies on your kerberos credentials, and is available in all dorms.

3. Register your computer:

Most places on campus require that your computer's network interface card be registered on the MIT network in order for you to gain full access to MITnet and the internet. When you try to visit any web pages in a building that requires registration your computer will be automatically directed to the MIT registration page (screenshot included below). Simply select Student and enter your MIT kerberos username and password. Registration will be completed in approximately 15 minutes. More information about the MIT DHCP system can be found on IS&T's web pages: DHCP Service at MIT
Registration Page

4. Obtain and install anti-virus software:

MIT recommended software is available at MIT offers Sophos Antivirus free to students, staff and faculty members. We strongly recommend that you run one actively updated antivirus application. If you have a trial version of another antivirus application already installed on your computer, you should remove it before installing the MIT supplied software.
If you have trouble installing or obtaining this software, please use the IS&T Service Desk help request form to inform that you were unable to successfully install the software. A Service Desk employee will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us:

If you have further questions, please contact the IS&T Service Desk at 617-253-1101 or

IS&T Contributions

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May 14, 2017

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