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My Appointments in GAP

My Appointments is the default starting view in GAP, displaying all of the active or deleted appointments for your department(s) for the past 30 days. Appointments in draft, pending approval, or with action required may remain in the My Appointments view beyond 30 days. To see additional appointments beyond what is displayed, use the Search function.

Filtering the list

Course – If you have authorization to create appointments in more than one department, you can select the one you want to view from the drop-down. All Courses will display the courses you have authorization for.
Aid Year/Period – This refers to the Financial Aid year, not the academic year.
Created by – My department will display all appointments created by anyone in your department, or you can filter to show only the appointments you have created. Note: The creation date for an appointment will be pending any approvals required, therefore may be different than the date the appointment was submitted.
Status – Filter the list to show appointments with a particular status:

  • Draft – appointment has not yet been submitted
  • Pending approval – appointment required one or more approvals; see Workflow - Overview of Approvals below for details
  • Action Required – appointment was rejected/returned to the submitter by an approver, requesting a change; open the appointment to learn more
  • Deleted – appointment was deleted in GAP, and the record removed from SAP
  • Active – an active appointment

In addition, you may sometimes see (changed/changing active) after one of the statuses; this indicates an Active appointment is in the process of being changed (Draft/changing active), needs to be approved (Pending approval/changed active), or was returned for further action (Action Required/changed active).
You can also use the Search box, e.g. to search for a particular student, or creator (by Kerberos).

Sorting the list

Right click on any column heading to sort ascending or descending order. Note that the sort order cannot be saved and may return to the default when you change views.

Workflow - Overview of Approvals

HR Payroll PERNR not valid for dates of appointment
  Retroactive change for a student who is currently an employee
  Prior calendar year amount or percentage changes, or changes after deletion
  Errors processing the appointment/distributions in SAP---maybe NOT NOW
ODGE Salary/stipend is greater than 15% above the standard rate
  Reasonable compensation rule is waived
SFS Student not eligible in current term, changes to prior term within same aid year
  Eligible and on degree list in current term, total amount changed (tuition/ins/SLF)
  Appointment created/changed/deleted prior to current term, or in prior aid year
VPF Sponsored Change of amount for WBS more than 90 days past end of fiscal year quarter

PowerFAIDS will receive a notification email if an appointment is created, changed or deleted from a previous aid year, although the appointment will not require their approval.

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April 21, 2017

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