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Moving Data between Stellar and Gradescope

Some classes might use an external tool called Gradescope for assignment grading in conjunction with Stellar and Learning Modules. Please note that any automatic Gradescope grade migration into Stellar is not supported by IS&T at this time. However, there are ways to move data in bulk between the two systems manually by exporting and importing spreadsheets or CSV files.

To set up student membership lists in Gradescope using data from Stellar:

  1. Go to Membership.
  2. Click the "Download CSV" button to export a CSV file of the student roster for the class.
  3. Open the CSV file in an application such as Excel to view or copy the necessary roster data.
  4. Use the data from the CSV file to create a CSV file suitable for Gradescope import. Gradescope instructions and column formatting can be found under "Adding students and staff" here:

To transfer assignment grades from Gradescope to Stellar:

  1. Go to Gradebook and click on the desired assignment.
  2. Click the "Download XLS" button to export a Gradebook compatible grade sheet for that assignment.
  3. Export the corresponding assignment grades from Gradescope as described here:
  4. Open the Gradescope file, and make sure the students are sorted alphabetically by last name (this is how the students are sorted in the corresponding Gradebook file).
  5. Copy the grades from the Gradescope file.
  6. Select the open cells in the "Points" column of the Gradebook file, and paste in the grades.
  7. Compare the Gradebook file to the Gradescope file to ensure the grades are all paired with the correct students.
  8. Save the file, and return to the assignment page on the Gradebook site.
  9. Press the triangle button next to "Download XLS".
  10. Click "Upload Assignment Detail XLS", and upload your updated Gradebook file.

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July 23, 2020

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