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MITvoip Web Remote Office

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When you place a call with Remote Office, it appears to the other party as if you're calling from your desk at MIT. Combined with other MITvoip Console tools such as Call Forwarding and [Voice Mail on the Web], you can manage all of your telephone communications via the Web from almost any location.

An online training demo is available for this feature.

How It Works

In the MITvoip Web Console, you indicate what phone number you want to call (the "To" number) and the number of a phone near you that you will use for the call (the "From" number). The MITvoip system places a call to the "From" number.

When that phone rings, you pick it up, and the system puts you on hold. It then places a call from your MITvoip phone number to the "To" number and connects you to the call.

If the other party's line has caller ID, your call will appear to be from your MITvoip phone number.

Using Remote Office

  1. Access the MITvoip Console.
  2. Click the Call button in the upper left corner.
    Result: The Remote Office tool opens.
  3. On the From pull-down list, do one of the following:
    • Select Enter Number and enter the number of the phone you want to use to place the call.
    • If the number you want to use is defined in your profile, select it directly from the pull-down list.
  4. In the To box, enter the number you want to call. Or, click on the phone number of a contact in your Phone Book, Call Lists, or [Voice Mail], and it will automatically appear in the box.
  5. Click the Call button.
    Result: The MITvoip system places a call to you at the phone number in the From box, and that phone begins to ring.
  6. Answer the phone.
    Result: MITvoip puts you on hold while it dials the To number and then connects you to the call. It appears to the other party as if you are calling directly from your MIT phone.
  7. When your call is complete, hang up the phone and click the Cancel button.

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January 27, 2013

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