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MITvoip Web Message Waiting Indicator

The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) is the red light on your phone that blinks when you have a new voice mail message waiting. You can turn this feature on or off or set it to activate only when you receive an urgent message.

Setting the MWI

  1. Access your account on the MITvoip Web Interface.
  2. Click the SIP Device Management link.
  3. Select the MAC address of the device that you want modify.
  4. Select phone number you wish to enable Message Waiting Indicator light with
  5. Click Enable Message waiting indicator
  6. Click Update Settings
  7. Once changes are complete reboot device

For disabling the MWI, repeat the same process, but at step 7 select disable message waiting indicator

If the Message Waiting Indicator light is stuck on or off, follow the troubleshooting steps located here or contact the IS&T service desk at 617-253-1101 or

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October 05, 2018

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    This article is obsolete and does not apply to the Unity VM system.

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