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MITvoip Web Console

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The MITvoip Console is where you can access many phone features online, including voice mail, call lists, and call forwarding. It also offers new advanced features like sequential or simultaneous ringing, conference calls for up to six parties, and remote office.

The interface may seem somewhat different from other applications you have used. Read the Introduction to the MITvoip Console Interface to learn about navigating panes.

The MITvoip Console is a vendor partner application (Sylantro).

Accessing MITvoip Console

Note: Use a browser with your personal certificates and Adobe Flash Player installed.

  1. Login to the MITvoip Web Interface.
  2. Click the MITvoip Console button.
    Result: The MITvoip Console will open.

Using MITvoip Console

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August 25, 2014

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