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MITvoip Web Conference Calls

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With the Conference feature on the MITvoip Console, you can create a conference call for up to six parties (including yourself). Once the conference has begun, you can monitor and manage each party's participation.
There is also a Conference feature available on MITvoip desk phones. However, it only supports three-party conference calls.
(Visit the following KB Article if you're having issue with flash and the your computers default browser:

Create a Conference Call

  1. Access the MITvoip Console.
  2. Click the Conference button, located in the upper left corner.
    Result: The conference call window opens.
  3. In the From pull-down menu, select Enter number (no hyphens) and type the number of the phone you will use to join the conference. Or, select the number from the list if it appears there.
  4. Add parties to the conference. You may add up to five parties, not including yourself.
  5. If a party is in your phone book, click and drag that entry to the To box.
  6. Otherwise, type the number (no hyphens) and press enter.
    Result: The contact will appear in the To box with the message "Party added."
  7. To remove a party from the conference call list, click the red X icon.
  8. Click Start Conference.
    Result: All of the phones in the From and To boxes will ring.
  9. Answer your phone to be connected to the conference.

Monitor and End a Conference Call

During a conference call, the MITvoip Console will display a list of the parties and their status.

  • When the conference is active, the text "Conference Started" will appear.
  • Parties who are connected to the conference will show "In call."
  • If a party hangs up, that contact will disappear from the list.
  • To force a caller off the conference, click the red X icon next to that contact's entry on the list.
  • To disconnect all parties, click Stop Conference.
  • To exit the conference window, click Cancel.

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November 17, 2017

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