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MITvoip Telephone Shared Lines

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A shared line supports features useful for numbers that ring on more than one phone. With a shared line, you can:

  • Monitor the status of a line across multiple phones
  • Put a call on hold on one phone and pick it up at another phone
  • Answer a call at any phone that shares the line

Typically, a shared line will be assigned to more than one phone. It is commonly used in situations where one person answers someone else's line (such as an "executive/admin" setup or a switchboard) or where multiple people share the responsibility for answering a line.


You can identify a shared line by its half-gray telephone icon on your phone's display.

Note: A solid black icon indicates that a line is not shared. However, this does not necessarily mean that it appears on only one device. A non-shared line can appear on multiple phones, but it does not behave as described below.


  • An incoming call will ring at all of the phones that share that line until someone picks it up or until it is forwarded to voice mail.
  • If you put a call on hold, someone else can pick up that call on another phone that shares the line. You do not need to transfer the call.
  • The status of a line - idle, ringing, busy, or on hold - will be displayed on all phones that share the line.
  • Shared lines have the Silence feature instead of Reject. This allows you to mute ringing at your phone while it continues ringing at other phones that share the line. For more information about this feature see Reject or Silence. The Do Not Disturb feature behaves similarly.
  • If you change the ring tone for a shared line, this affects only your phone. It does not change the ring tone on other people's phones that share the line. You may set ring tones for each line on your phone independently, including the "silent ring" or "no ring" option.
  • If all of the appearances of a shared line on your phone are busy, you cannot receive incoming calls or place outgoing calls on that line.
  • You cannot use a shared line to "barge in" to a conversation on another phone. On a shared line, you can only use a line key that is idle, ringing, or on hold.

MWI and Missed Calls

By default, the red Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light turns on when any line on your phone has new voice mail messages. Likewise the Missed Calls indicator shows the total unanswered calls on all lines. You can change this default setting with the Device Management tools (see Account and Device Management).

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January 31, 2013

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