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MITvoip Telephone Polycom SoundPoint 430

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This page provides information about the features unique to the Polycom SoundPoint 430. Because it is a simple model, you might find that the content of this page is sufficient reference.

If you would like detailed instructions about using MITvoip or information about other models, please see the MITvoip Telephone User Guide.

Polycom SoundPoint 430 Manual

See the manufacturer's instructions to learn about the model-specific features of the Polycom SoundPoint 430 phone.

MITvoip has customized some of the features. See Exceptions to Manufacturer's Instructions for details.

Exceptions to Manufacturer's Instructions

Parts List

If your location is equipped with power over Ethernet (PoE), your phone will not come with a power adapter or AC power cord.

Multiple Calls on Hold and Multiple Call Appearances

Your phone is configured to support only one call per line key. If you do not have any open lines, new calls will be diverted to voice mail.

Headset Memory Mode

The headset key does not flash. Otherwise, this feature works as described.

Speed Dial

There is a typo in the first paragraph. It should read:

Speed Dial entries are consecutively placed next to *un*assigned line keys on the phone.

On the 430 model, you will have at most one unassigned line key.

Multiple Lines and Multiple Keys Per Line

The standard configuration for the 430 on the MITvoip service is a single phone number assigned to just one line key. The other line key is available for you to assign a speed dial.

If a phone needs more than one line or multiple keys per line, then usually a model with more line keys will be provided.

Phone Reboot

The option to select Restart Phone from the Advanced Settings menu requires an administrator password. Please use another reboot method.

Unavailable Features

The following features described in the manufacturer's instructions are not available on MITvoip:

  • Split a Conference Call
  • Call Forwarding (Use the Reach Me feature on the MITvoip Web Interface instead.)
  • Shared Lines
  • Auto Divert and Auto Reject fields in the Contact Directory
  • Multilingual Support
  • Text Messaging
  • Presence
  • Status
  • Buddy Lists

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 27, 2013

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