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MITvoip Telephone Placing Calls

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Placing calls with your MITvoip telephone is the same as with other phones. There are also some additional short cuts. You can also place calls with the Remote Office feature on the MITvoip Web Interface.

Dialing Instructions

Using your desk phone to place calls is very much the same as other office phones you have used. The basic dialing instructions are:

  • For calls on campus, dial the five-digit extension or the full ten-digit number.
  • For calls off campus within the US/North America, dial the ten-digit number.
  • For international calls, dial 011, the country code, and number.
You do not have to dial 9 before calling off campus.

Start a Call

There are several ways to place a call:

  • Dial first, then either pick up the handset or press the Dial soft key. While dialing, you can use the << soft key to delete errors. PREFERRED
  • Pick up the handset, dial a number, and press the Send soft key.
  • Press the NewCall soft key.
  • Press a line key that isn't in use.
  • Use the directory or speed dial.
  • Use the speakerphone.
  • Use the headset.


To adjust the volume of what you are hearing through the handset, speakerphone, or headset, press the -/+ keys located below the number keypad.

Note: If you reboot your phone, your volume settings will return to the default levels.

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May 23, 2017

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