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MITvoip Telephone Multiple-Line Phones

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Multiple-line phones have more than one unique phone number. This page will help you understand how to manage calls on a multiple-line phone.


A "line" is a phone number. Some people call it an "extension." The phone numbers on your MITvoip phone appear on your display next to the line keys. You use the line keys to answer calls, pick up calls that are on hold, and open a line to place an outbound call.

The phone icon next to each phone number will tell you the status of that line: idle, on hold, engaged in a conference call, etc. For more information, see Display Icons.

There is also a light next to each line key:

  • Flashing Green: A call is ringing on that line.
  • Steady Green: You are talking on that line.
  • Flashing Red: A call is on hold on that line.
  • Steady Red: Someone is talking on that line on another phone.

Multiple Line Appearances

A "line appearance" is phone number assigned to a line key. A phone number can have multiple line appearances.
This shows three appearances of 5-1234 and two appearances of 5-9876. The half-gray icon indicates that 5-9876 is a shared line.

Each line appearance can only have one call engaged on it at a time. So if the first line key in the figure above is in use, a new call to 5-1234 will ring on the second line key, and another call to that extension will ring on the third line key. If all three of those keys are in use, the call will go to voice mail.

If a phone number receives a high volume of calls, it should have several appearances. If you find that you do not have enough line keys to handle your call volume, you might want to consider getting additional line appearances.

Can I make another one of my MITvoip phone numbers appear on my desk phone?

If you are the owner of multiple phone numbers, you can set which numbers appear on which of your phones. You must be a listed owner for both the device you are modifying and the phone number you want to add.

  1. Go to required.
  2. Click on the link SIP device management in the left-hand navigation pane.
  3. Find the phone you want to modify in the list and click on it.
  4. To assign a new or second appearance of a phone number:
    1. Click the Assign new SIP account radio button.
    2. Enter the 10-digit phone number into the box next to it.
  5. Click Update Settings.
  6. Click Reboot Device or manually Reboot your VoIP phone.

Side Cars

A side car (or expansion module) is a panel of additional line keys that attaches to the side of your phone. It is useful if you handle a large number of calls or monitor several lines. Line keys on a side car work just like other line keys. Your phone can support up to three side cars.

Note: The side car is only compatible with the Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 phone.

Unused Line Keys and Speed Dial

If you have unused line keys on your phone or side car, you can assign speed dials to them. To do this, you create an entry in your contact directory and assign that contact to an unused line key. For instructions, see Contact Directory and Speed Dial.

MWI and Missed Calls

By default, the red Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light turns on when any line on your phone has new voice mail messages. Likewise the Missed Calls indicator shows the total unanswered calls on all lines. You can change this default setting with the Device Management tools (see Account and Device Management).

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March 08, 2016

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