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MITvoip Telephone Dial by Name

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Dial by name is a way to look up another MITvoip user's phone number by spelling a name with the number keypad. You can use it to place a call or to add phone numbers to a contact list with the Send a Message or Forward a Message features.

Note: The dial by name directory is not the same as the MIT People directory or the MITvoip Web Interface Corporate Phone Book feature.

Using Dial by Name

  1. Access your voice mail.
  2. At the main menu, press 5 to access dial by name.
  3. When prompted, enter the first several letters of the last name of the person you want to call. For example, for "Johnson," press 5-6-4-7 to spell J-O-H-N-S.
    Result: After a pause, the MITvoip system will play the recorded name announcements for all records that match what you dialed.
  4. While the options are listed, you can:
    • Press 1 to start the list over from the beginning.
    • Press 2 to replay the last entry.
    • Press 3 to skip to the next entry.
    • Press * to exit to the main menu.
  5. Press # to select an entry. MITvoip will play the name announcement again. If it is wrong, press * to cancel. Otherwise, MITvoip will place the call.

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February 01, 2013

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