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MITvoip Telephone Call Lists

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The call lists are a new feature of MITvoip service. They are detailed call logs that store information about the last several outgoing and incoming calls. You can use the lists to:

  • Return a call with one-touch dialing
  • Retrieve the number of a call you missed even if the caller didn't leave a message
  • Confirm if you placed a particular call
  • Capture contact information to add to your Contact Directory

The MITvoip Web Interface also has a Call List feature.

About the Call Lists

There are three different lists:
The Missed Calls List captures information about incoming calls that you did not answer, whether or not the caller left a voice mail message. When the phone is in idle mode, the display will show you how many new missed calls you have received. This is not a count of new messages but of all calls you didn't answer. The missed call count resets when you access the Missed Calls list. The count includes all unanswered calls on all lines assigned to your phone. See Call Lists on Multiple-Line Phones for more information.

The Received Calls List shows incoming calls that you did answer.

The Placed Calls List shows all the calls that were recently placed from your phone.

Often, the list will show the other party's number. However, if the other party blocks caller ID, the number will not be available on the Missed or Received Calls lists.

All of the lists have the same functions.

Accessing Call Lists

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Press Menu and select Features, or
    • Press the Directories button if available.
  2. Use the Up/Down Arrows to highlight Call Lists from the menu, and press the Checkmark or Select soft key to select it.
  3. Use the Up/Down Arrows to highlight the list you want, and select it.Result: The requested list will appear.
  4. Use the Up/Down Arrows to find the call you want.
  5. To leave the call list, press the Exit soft key.

Shortcut: When your phone is in idle mode, you can use the arrow keys to open your lists:

  • Missed Calls List: Press the Down Arrow.
  • Placed Calls List: Press the Right Arrow.
  • Received Calls List: Press the Left Arrow.

Autodialing from a List

To dial a number saved in any call list, select the call you want and press the Dial soft key.

Editing a Number on a List

To edit a number on a call list, select the call and press the Edit soft key. Use the << soft key to backspace, the Left/Right Arrows to move the cursor, and the number keypad to enter numbers.

Viewing Call Information

To display call information, select the call and press the Info soft key. The display will show you the contact (phone number), the time and date of the call, the name (if available), and the duration of the call.

Clearing Call Information

You can either clear an entire list or clear an individual item from a list.

To clear an entire list:

  1. Access the Call Lists menu</a>.
  2. Choose the Clear option.
  3. Select the list you want to clear.
    Result: The display will show a message confirming that the selected list has been cleared.

To clear a single call from a list:

  1. Open the call list and highlight the call you want to clear.
  2. Press the More soft key and then the Clear soft key.
    Result: That call will be deleted, and the display will return to the top of the list.

Rebooting your phone will clear all of your call lists.

Copying Contact Information to a Directory

To learn more about storing contact information, see Contact Directory.

  1. Access a call list</a>, and select the call you want to save.
  2. Press the More soft key.
  3. Press the Save soft key.
    Result: A message reading "Saved" will flash on the display briefly.
  4. Access the Contact Directory to edit the number and name and to set options like speed dial and identifying ring tones.

Call Lists on Multiple-Line Phones

Call lists are unique to each phone, not to each number. If you have multiple lines:

  • Any changes to call lists on your phone (deleting entries, resetting the missed calls count, etc.) do not affect how call lists display on other phone devices that share the line with yours.
  • Your Missed Calls List is aggregate: It shows all missed calls for all lines on your phone. If you find this confusing, you might choose to disable the Missed Calls List with the Device Management tools (see Account and Device Management).

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January 27, 2013

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