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MITvoip Account and Device Management

This article describes the functionality of the MITvoip Management Tool. To access the tool click

Click to see the MITvoip Cloud Broadsoft FAQ

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Key Concepts


  • An account is represented by a telephone number.
  • An individual may have multiple accounts.
  • Each account has a unique Passcode
  • Accounts are listed in the My Accounts section of the Voip Management tool.
  • Each account is assigned to a Primary Location which can be changed when the account owner is relocated.


  • A device is a physical phone.
  • A device can have more than one account (telephone number) associated with it.
  • Each device has a unique ID number called a Mac address. This is typically located on the bottom of the phone.
  • Devices are listed in the My Devices section of the Voip Management tool.

Account Owner

  • An Account Owner can change account settings and modify voicemail settings. Account owners can also access the user web interface to make additional modifications.
  • Typically, a person is the account and device owner for his/her account(s) and phone(s).

Account Administrator

  • An Account Administrator can make the same changes an owner can in the VoIP Manager application (e.g., add an owner or administrator, change a description). Broadsoft Voice Mail administrators canaccess the web portal to make additional changes to voicemail controls and settings.
  • Typically a Department, Lab, or Center will designate an individual as Account Administrator for the department who will manage their DLC's telephone accounts and devices.

Device Owner

  • A Device Owner can access their device(s) on the My Devices tab to change settings.
  • A Device Owner can add or delete owners from their device(s)- including him or herself.
  • A Device Owner can add or remove accounts (telephone numbers) from their device(s). They must also be the account owner of any account they add or remove.
  • A Device Owner can change the order in which numbers appear on a device.

The My Accounts Tab

The Menu Bar
  • Click My Accounts or My Devices to see a list of your accounts or devices.
  • Click your kerberos name on the far right to logout.
Card View
  • The application will open to show the account(s) you own in Card view shown to the right
    (if you have up to three accounts)
    or List view shown below (if you have more than three accounts).
  • If you only have a single account, the tool will open to display your account details (see below).
  • You can view account details and devices associated with the account.
  • Click reset PIN/Passcode to change your PIN or Passcode. See more below.
  • Click the ellipsis to View Account Details (see below) or to View Devices.
  • To access additional settings, click the link under Call Control & Settings.
    This will link to the web portal.
  • Click Other Accounts/Edit to review accounts you do not own but you are the administrator for.
  • You can click My Accounts in the menu to return to this screen.
List View
  • Use Search to locate accounts if the list is long.
  • Click Other Accounts/Edit to review accounts you do not own but for which you are the administrator.
  • You can click My Accounts in the menu to return to this screen.
  • In any list view click the column header for a sort menu.
Click the icons to the right of an account to (in order left to right):
  • View Account Details
  • View Devices associated with the account                                                             
  • Set Voicemail PIN/Passcode
  • Edit Call Settings

On the Account Details tab you can:
  • Access the web portal.
  • Access this Help page.
  • Edit the account description and primary location.
  • Add additional owners and/or administrators.
  • Edit the caller ID information.
  • Enable, or disable voicemail.
  • See the devices associated with this account. Remove a device from an account.
  • Enable, or disable the Message Waiting Indicator for a device.
  • Associate a new device with this account.

  • Click Assign Account to Device at the bottom to open the Assign Account to Device pop-up.
  • Select a Mac address from the dropdown list.
  • Edit the account order if desired.
  • Then click Add.

Change the way you receive voicemail messages

1. Make sure Voicemail Enabled is turned on.
3. Click to open the dropdown menu under Voicemail Settings.
4. Select forward to email, store on server or store & forward.
5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Store on server means you access your messages through the phone's voicemail menus.
Forward to email allows you to enter an email address where you will receive emails
with your voicemail messages attached as sound files.

Create or change your voicemail PIN/Passcode

Passcode is the term for the code you use to enter the voicemail menu on your phone in the BroadSoft system.
1. Click the lock "Reset VM Passcode" at the top of the window.
2. Enter your new PIN/Passcode.
3. Click Submit

The My Devices Tab

To view devices associated with a particular account, click Devices on the left-hand side of the screen.
Use Search to narrow the list. Then click the gear icon next to a device to view Device Details.

Note: There is also an option to Reboot Now which will reboot your phone.

On the Device Details page you can:
  • Update device description
  • Enable or disable the missed call list
  • Add or remove a device owner
  • Add or remove an account (you must be an owner)
  • Enable or disable the MWI (message waiting indicator)

  • Click Add Account to add an account to a device.
  • On the new line, enter an account number and click Save Changes.

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December 23, 2020

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