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MITvoip Account and Device Management

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Use the account and device management tools to:

  • configure accounts and devices
  • allow access to management tools
  • enable access to the user's web interface (Sylantro)

For assistance, contact Telephone Client Support at or 3-HELP (617-253-4357).
For an introduction to some key concepts, read the Quick Tips below.

Account and Device Management Tools

Below is an explanation of the differences between an account management tool and a device management tool.

Account Management Tools

  • An account is represented by a Telephone Number.
  • To manage Accounts go to SIP Account Management, and click Administer.

Device Management Tools

  • A device is a telephone. A device can have more than one account (telephone number) associated with it.
  • To manage devices, go to SIP Device Management.

User Guides

Key Concepts

  • A device owner is able to change device settings (such as turn missed calls on/off, remove or add Telephone numbers, or change the settings for the Message Waiting Indicator light).
  • An account administrator is able to change account settings (such as user location, display name, and modify voicemail settings).
  • An account owner has the same priviledges as an account administrator, and can also access the user web interface.
  • Typically, a user is an account and device owner for his/her own phone(s) and account(s). Often, there are designated individuals within a Department, Lab, or Center who are also account administrators and device owners; this facilitates administration of the Institute's Telephony Service.
  • If you remove your own Kerberos ID from the list of owners or administrators, you will lose administrative access to that account or device.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 27, 2013

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