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MIT-Google - Secure Search

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MIT-Google can index and search certificate-protected documents hosted on


  • If you are searching MIT-Google for secure documents, MIT-Google will only return results that you are privileged to see.
  • If you are a content publisher and wish to restrict access to your documents, you'll continue to secure your documents in the same way that you would with certificates but will also add the user google if you wish to have those documents searchable by the certain individuals or groups that you specify. Your content must be hosted on


To search secure documents, you must have an MIT personal certificate installed. MIT-Google will only return results that you are privileged to see.

Use this form to search secure documents.


If you experience a browser error when searching for secure documents:

  1. First test your certificates to ensure that they work. If not, consult Certificates at MIT for help.
  2. If you are using Safari, be sure to delete any previous certificates and install CertAid


To publish content that is both certificate-protected and searchable by users or groups that you specify:

  1. Publish your documents on and restrict your content by following the directions carefully in the Web Reference Guide: Access Privileges on
  2. When creating the file as described in the link above, also add the user (or group) google when necessary. For example, to:
    • Restrict content to general MIT certificate holders and MIT-Google
      Format of file: require valid-user
    • Restrict content to a list of users
      Format of file: require user google username1 username2
    • Restrict content to a group
      Format of file: require group google groupname1 groupname2
      Note: Only users or groups listed in your will be able to access and search for your protected documents.

  3. MIT-Google will automatically find and index your protected documents, provided that there are links to them already in the MIT-Google index. Please ensure that there are other sites (e.g. departmental or organizational) that link to your documents.

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Secure Search

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June 21, 2018

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