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MIT Printer Locations

  • Where are the Pharos printers?
  • Where are the Athena printers?


  • Central Student Printing at MIT
  • Pharos printing at MIT

Public Student Printers

Most of these printers, also known as "Athena Printers," are located in Athena clusters. A few can be found in the MIT Libraries and near Athena Quickstation kiosks.

MIT Map: Athena Clusters

Location Number of Printers
Barker Library
Dewey Library
Hayden Library
Rotch Library
4-167 1
38-370* 1
56-129 2
66-080 2
E17-106 (Atlas Service Center) 1
E51-075 1
W20-575 (Stratton Student Center) 3
Outside 1-150 1
Outside Student Services Center (11-112) 1
Special Printers
In addition to the public student printers located in Athena clusters and the Libraries there are a few special-use printers:
Two thesis printers loaded with MIT bond paper in W20 CopyTech and in Building 11 CopyTech.
Color printer in E62-107, W20, and Hayden Library
A black and white printer on the first floor of W20.
Dorm Printers
Each MIT residence hall has at least one centrally provided, managed, and supplied printer. Larger dorms may have two. These printers work just like public student printers and are configured with the same Pharos job release stations, but are generally only accessible to residents of each dormitory.

* Currently undergoing renovations

What should I do if an Athena printer is broken, jammed, or needs paper or toner?

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February 13, 2019

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