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MECM - SCCM - Viewing Code42 (Formerly CrashPlan) Data in the Console

These instructions were originally created for the Crashplan App. Crashplan is now named Code42. Other than the app name, there has been no change in how the instructions below work.

Code42 backup data for your machines is viewable in the MECM console. This is made available via a custom hardware inventory class. To view the data, simply run the query located under Monitoring->Queries->MIT Queries->Code42 (x86) or (x64) depending on your computer's architecture.

The data returned should show the date/time of last backup, size of the backup set, the application name, and the version of CrashPlan. If you are not seeing any CrashPlan data for your computer, then it likely that it has the CrashPlan application installed but it is not backed up.

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February 08, 2021

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