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Logging in to Stellar with Touchstone

MIT users: If you have a Kerberos account, you do NOT need to create a Collaboration Account. Touchstone supports Kerberos and MIT Certificates. You may login using your MIT Certificates or your Kerberos username and password.

New non-MIT users: Cross registered students will find they have a better Stellar experience if they request an MIT Kerberos (Athena) account to access Stellar. Instructions for this are included here on the MIT Registrar's Cross Registration site:

If you have a non-MIT e-mail address and this is your first time using Stellar, you will need to register for an MIT Touchstone Collaboration Account in order to access your course sites. Please be aware that the instructor, administrator or TA for the course site must first add your e-mail address to the course site's membership list in order for you to access the Stellar site. Once your email address has been added to a Stellar site, an email message is sent to that address with instructions to activate an MIT Touchstone Collaboration account. The user must follow these instructions to activate the account.

More information on Creating a Collaboration Account for Stellar.

How do I log in to Stellar?

  1. From the Stellar homepage or CourseGuide, click the @Stellar tab. You may also go directly to the course site if you have the URL. Please click on the Login button for your site.
  2. You will be asked to "Please choose your account provider."
    • A: If you have an MIT Kerberos Account or an MIT Certificate, make sure the account provider is set to MIT Kerberos Account (or MIT web certificate) and click on Continue. You will then be asked to identify yourself using your MIT Certificate or your Kerberos Username and Password.
    • B: If you have a Collaboration Account, make sure the account provider is set to Touchstone Collaboration Account by clicking the drop down menu. Then click on Continue. You will be asked to identify yourself using your Collaboration Account and password.
  3. If the login was successful, you will be brought to the homepage for the site you are trying to access.

For Helpdesk Consultants:

If this article does not resolve the issue, use the Stellar Recon page to escalate.

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January 07, 2016

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