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Q: Known issues glitches and bugs in Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)


Scans run for one account at a time

If there are multiple accounts on a machine (e.g. one person already has an account on the machine and a new person using the computer creates his own (additional) account), then running Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) under one account will not find items under the other account. Spirion runs on a "per profile" basis. When opening Spirion, a user enters their Spirion profile password. As a result, when scanning the computer, only files associated with that user's profile will be scanned. In other words, only files located within the /users folder location will be scanned, not within the local disk (Windows) or hard drive (Mac).

Default file size setting

The default setting for maximum file size it will include in a search is limited to 90 MB. Any file size higher than 90 MB will cause crashes.

Read only/archived files

A file that is 'read only' or archived might not shred using Spirion.

BrioQuery results

BrioQuery results (files with extension .bqy) might not be searchable.

Email Files on a Mac

On a Mac, IdF may not successfully search email files. If hits are found in email, avoid using Spirion to delete or encrypt the files, unless the files are attachments that are also located within the mail download or temp folder. If data is located within the body of the email, consider manually deleting the file through the email client.

Highlighted Results in the Preview Window do not Match the Location

This has been seen on the Mac. If a location or file is selected in the results, the preview window on the right side of the screen should highlight the identified data. Sometimes, the highlighted data does not correspond with the search results. For example, the search results listed a password was found but the highlighted data is not a password. This can occur if the file was modified since the time of the search.

If you haven't found the answer to your question on this page, try the Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) FAQ. Users of MIT-owned computers can request a copy of Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) via:

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October 13, 2016

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