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Kivuto Microsoft Key Access for Students


As a graduating MIT student, you may wish to convert your MIT licensed copy of Windows 10/11 Enterprise to use a permanent license so it will continue working after you leave campus. These instructions cover how students can attain a permanent license via Kivuto.


  1. Visit:
  2. Authenticate with your Kerberos account and Duo 2 factor authentication credentials.
    This must be done prior to your graduation date.
    Result: You will see an MIT IS&T branded site:

  3. Click on the Windows 10/11 download Icon.
    Result: You are taken to the Windows 10/11 Download page

  4. Click the Add to Cart option in the top right.
    Result: You will be presented with other purchase options that can be skipped.

  5. Click the green Check Out option at bottom right.
    Result: You are presented with a license agreement that requires a signature.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your name in both fields, then click the green Accept button.
    Result: The contact information page opens.

  7. Fill out these fields with your first and last name along with a valid MIT email address. Then click the “Proceed with Order” button in the lower left.
    Result: You are given the option to receive emails from Kivuto

  8. Choose your email preference and click the Proceed with Order button in the lower left.
    Result: The order confirmation screen opens and you are presented with your new license key.

  9. Copy (Select the license and hit Ctrl + C) your new key so that it can be pasted (Ctrl + V) into your Windows Activation Settings.
  10. On your Windows 10/11 computer go to the Settings. Start Menu > Gear Icon > Activation Settings. You can also use the Windows “Find a Setting” option in the top left.
    Result: The Acivation Settings screen opens.

  11. Click the Change product key option and paste (Ctrl+V) the previously copied new license key.
    Result: You are prompted to activate your new license.

  12. Click Activate
    Result: If the Activation is successful, you will get a message that “Activation is Successful” Your computer is now registered with a permanent Microsoft License Key.

  13. Be sure to keep a copy of this license key somewhere safe so that you have possession if you ever need to reinstall your computer's operating system.

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May 17, 2022

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