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Q: Jamf - Code42 Backup not backing up all data


Proper backup of data using Code42 requires Full Disk Access for the app. This can be done in by manually enabling Full Disk Access. Or if the computer is in Jamf, then it will need to be in a User Approved MDM state in order for the proper permissions for Full Disk Access to be applied automatically.

MDM enrollments are user approved if:

  1. The device is enrolled using the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).
  2. The enrollment is completed interactively, by the user on the device. Please follow these instructions for enrolling a Mac via the enrollment URL.

Verify PPPC

You can verify directly on a client Mac that it has received the proper Configuration Profile by checking under System Preferences->Profiles and looking for the profile named "EUC - PPPC Whitelist"

You can also verify that the computer has received the profile by looking directly at the computer record in Jamf Pro.

Verify User Approved MDM

You can also verify that the computer is in a User Approved MDM state by looking directly at the computer record in Jamf.

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October 21, 2021

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