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Stellar Course Guide vs. Registrar Course Catalog FAQ


What is the difference between Stellar and OCW (OpenCourseWare)?

The Stellar course management system has been developed to support delivery of classes to students at MIT. A class website contains class materials, student information, homework assignments, and a discussion board. To protect student privacy, Stellar websites are restricted to class participants only, although instructors can change the access levels to their course site. Click here for more site access information.

OCW is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OCW publishes MIT course materials, but it does not provide access to MIT faculty or grant degrees.

What is the difference between and Athena Locker and a Stellar site?

There are several differences. An Athena locker, when it is created, is essentially empty. Content, as well as the design of the web pages, must be created manually either by the faculty member, owner or any others designated with administrative privileges. Uploading and downloading files, editing web pages, and other standard activities must be done likewise. Backups are performed nightly, but no archiving is done.

With Stellar, several standard pages are created for you automatically using one of several standard designs. Tools are built in to facilitate editing of the site's pages, as well as administration of the class itself (i.e. receipt of homework and management of class sections).

Traditionally, Athena lockers have contained one locker per subject and reused each semester by adding and deleting files at will. Stellar provides a new site each semester and materials can be imported from previous semesters as needed.

What other options do I have for putting my course on the web?

Information on other ways to interact online with course materials can be found on the Class Management Tools information page.

Where can students find relevant information on Stellar?

We have a page for that, too! I you can't find what you're looking for on the landing page, the Stellar and LMOD for Students
page has all the student-specific resources you need.

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