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Installing SAS JMP or JMP Pro 13, SAS Simulation Studio 13.1

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The license keys embedded in these installers are now expired. You will need to update them after software installation following instructions in this KB article.

Windows JMP/JMP Pro

Unzip or in a temporary location. Move to the JMP/JMP/13_0/Windows folder (JMP) or the JMP/JMP_Pro/13_0/Windows folder (JMP Pro) in the unzipped installer archive and run setup.exe (JMP/JMP PRO/13.0/Windows/setup.exe) to run the installer. Install to the default location, and pick the desired installation options on the following screen (the defaults are usually appropriate), then proceed with the installation. There may be an optional dialog to register the software.

Windows SAS Simulation Studio

You must install JMP or JMP Pro first in order to run SAS Simulation Studio. Unzip in a temporary location. The installer combines 32 and 64 bit versions and will automatically select the correct one for your platform.

If you are asked to specify the SASHOME location during the installation, select or enter C:\Program Files\SASHome.

Move to the root of the unzipped archive and run setup.exe. Select a language and click OK. Select Install SAS software, click Next.

On the Select Products to Install screen, leave Products to install on top line as SAS Foundation and related software and check product SAS Simulation Studio (the only choice), click Next. Keep the default setting on the Specify SAS Installation Data File screen, click Next. Pick appropriate language in Select Regional Settings, click Next and Next on the following screen, then click Start on the Deployment Summary screen. Click Next when done, then Finish.

On first time launch, run SAS Simulation Studio as Administrator. Dismiss the SAS Simulation Studio configuration data not specified dialog if this pops up. On the next dialog, select the binocular icon and enter C:\Program Files\SASHome for the SASHOME path if this is not already preset. Select JMP Data Table as default data format (unless you want this to be SAS Data Set for some reason). If you're not intending to work with a remote SAS Workspace server, you can leave the next section blank. After you click OK the SAS Simulation Studio GUI will open. On subsequent launches you can run SAS Simulation Studio as an ordinary user.

A copy of the user guide (simsug.pdf) is in the simstudio top-level folder of the unzipped archive.

Note: If you want to uninstall SAS Simulation Studio later, use Uninstall SAS Software in the SAS Deployment Manager.

Macintosh JMP/JMP Pro

If you are installing JMP or JMP Pro on a machine where one of these has already been installed, delete the following files if they exist already:

/Users/<your username>/Library/preferences/* (filenames starting with
/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/JMP/Session.jsl

Unzip or in a temporary location. Move to the JMP/JMP/13_0/Macintosh folder (JMP) or the JMP/JMP_Pro/13_0/Macintosh folder (JMP Pro) in the unzipped installer archive and launch JMP-13.dmg, then launch JMP 13.pkg (JMP) or JMP Pro 13.pkg (JMP Pro) in the window that opens. Run the installer, keeping the default install location and installation options (you will need to enter the administrator password). There may be an optional dialog to register the software during the installation.

If you get a popup stating This copy of JMP is unlicensed, or the license is expired when you launch JMP, or if on launch the splash screen displays:

Organization: <Unknown>
Administrator: this license is temporary

it's an indication that you need to perform a manual license update as per the instructions in the KB article mentioned at the top of this article.

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August 08, 2017

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