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Installing CertAid for Internet Explorer on Windows

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You need administrative privileges in order to install Certaid for Internet Explorer. To install without these privileges, please refer to these instructions.

  1. If you have not already done so, Download and run CertAid for Internet Explorer from the available software page. To watch a video on installing and launching CertAid, go to
    • Result: The following window may appear

      This publisher could not be verified

  2. Click Run.
    • Result:

      The main CertAid for Internet Explorer installer will appear
      weclome screen

  3. Click the Next button
    • Result:

      Destination folder selection

  4. Choose a location to install CertAid to (the default will work for most users) and choose whether you want a start menu icon and/or a desktop icon then click Next
    • Result:

      ready to install

  5. Click the Next button
    • Result: CertAid for Internet Explorer will begin installation. At this point, Windows will display a UAC prompt. Click Yes at the prompt to allow the installation.

      installing prgress bar

  6. Click Next once the installation completes
    • Result:

      completion screen

  7. Click Finish to complete the installation. If you do not want CertAid to automatically launch after the installation finished, uncheck the box that reads "Launch CertAid for Internet Explorer"

    • Result: Installer exits and may launch CertAid for Internet Explorer

Important Note

After completing this process, you have installed the CertAid tool, but you have not yet installed your certificates or configured your browser settings. You must also run the tool after installing it in order to obtain working certificates.
For instructions, see:

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May 10, 2016

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