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How to access the Numerical Recipes library


The numerical subroutines from the book "Numerical Recipes" by William Press, et al. are installed on Athena. There are approximately 200 routines, which cover a large range of subjects. The source code for the routines are available, and the book documents and explains the mathematics behind the routines.


Both C and Fortran versions are available in the "recipes" locker. The source code is in the directory /mit/recipes/src

To use the libraries from your C program, you'd type:

	attach recipes
	cc filename `athdir /mit/recipes lib`

To use the libraries from your Fortran program, you'd type:

	attach recipes
	add -f gnu
	g77 -o file file.f -L`athdir /mit/recipes lib` -lrecipes_f	

The layout of the recipes locker is as follows:
The src directory has 2 subdirectories, one for C and one for fortran:
src/recipes_c-ansi : The Ansi-C version
src/recipes_c-kr : The K&R C version
src/recipes_f : The fortran version

Each of these subdirectories contain the source for Numerical Recipes and the source for the demo/example programs.

  • The NR sources are in
  • The demo/example sources are in

Due to a conflict with libm.a, there were 2 changes made in the Numerical Recipes "C" sources:

  1. erf has been renamed erf_nr
  2. erfc has been renamed erfc_nr

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April 20, 2011

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