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How to Print from Xess

You can print a spreadsheet from Xess by just clicking the printer icon, or typing Alt-P. By default, the minimum area with all the contents in it will be printed, and the contents will wrap to multiple pages if the area is too big for one page.

Other useful hints about printing:

  • If you select an area of your spreadsheet with the left mouse button, and print, then only that area of the sheet will print.
  • If you want to fit the entire spreadsheet on one page, select "Print As" from the File menu, click on "Page Options", and set "Fit to Page" to "Both".
  • The default printout will in in portrait (vertical) mode. To print in landscape, select "Print As" from the File menu, click on "Page Options", and set Orientation to Landscape.

Last updated: 10/27/99

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