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Google Apps editions overview

There are several different versions of "Google Apps." Here is a short overview to help clarify their relationships to each other.

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1. Overview Diagram

Google apps overview

2. Versions Explained

Google Apps comes in two main flavors: Google Apps for Individuals and Google Apps for Domains.

2.1. Google Apps for Individuals

Google Apps for Individuals is what you are using for your personal Gmail account, Google Docs, Google+, and so on. Your username is usually your Gmail address, but can also be an email address at another domain that is not managed by Google, for example your or email address.

2.2. Google Apps for Domains

Google Apps for Domains exist in several editions. Four of them are listed below. Business and Government editions are not terribly relevant to us, so we will only briefly mention them. But we will talk more extensively about the Teams and Education editions.

2.2.1. Google Apps for Teams

Google Apps for Teams edition has traditionally been turned on by default for Internet domains ending in .edu and .org. This edition is un-administered, but users with working email addresses at a .edu or .org domain were able to register for a Google Apps for Teams account. The only applications enabled for Google Apps for Teams are:

  • Google Drive / Google Docs
    This is document storage, along with applications to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and so on.
  • Google Sites
    Google's application for publishing basic template-based web sites.
  • Google Calendar
Google Apps for will NOT expire Sep. 4th 2012
Google Apps for has been transitioned from Google Apps Teams Edition to Google Apps Education Edition. It will not expire on September 4th and currently registered users may continue to use it. There are several known issues with Google Apps for as Google continues with its infrastructure changes. Please be sure to review the known issues list in the article [MIT Google Apps].

2.2.2. Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education edition is a full-featured version of Google Apps available to educational institutions who enter into an institutional agreement with Google and register to administer Google Apps for their school's domain. Support and administration responsibilities rest with the educational institution. Google Apps for Education can but does not have to include email. The choice of available applications, including email, and the timetable for making them available rests with the institution.

2.2.3. Google Apps for Business

This is the "default" administered version of Google Apps. It is a full-featured version of Google Apps available businesses and domains that don't have their own, special editions of Google Apps. Google Apps for business comes in various sizes based on the size of the business and required resources. It costs money and is administered and supported by the business that signs up for it.

2.2.4. Google Apps for Government

This is a special edition of Google Apps for government organizations. Features are largely the same, but it can include special provisions such as guaranteed domestic hosting of data.

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