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FileMaker Server Patching

Instructions are intended here as an internal resource for IS&T staff supporting IS&T managed FileMaker Servers

What Servers do we Patch?

Generally only the FM servers that are used for hosting IST&T supported FileMaker files have been part of our patching process.   Other IS&T managed FM servers have not been routinely patched, but we could take a more active role in patching those and recommending migrations for out-of-date servers

NOTE: we have a number of FM14 servers currently in service and because moving off of 14 would incur huge expense for those hosting WebDirect enabled solutions, there will be some groups that may wish to stay on FM Server 14 indefinitely.  

Prepping for Patch

Patches done after hours should not require any prior or post-patching user communication.  

Get download files

  1. On local machine download patch from FM Inc
  2. Move download foler to C: root of host machine. Do not extract!

Update server status in OpsView

  1. Open in local browser
  2. Click on Gray menu icon column to set
  3. Schedule Downtime 
  4. Set hours or leave as 24-hour default
  5. Note that you are patching
  6. Select status (ok is fine)

Closing Files and Shutting down FileMaker Server from Console

  1. Whether on campus or off, connect to VPN!  (Required for all of our servers.)
  2. From a local browser, log into FileMaker Console  ( 
  3.  Select the Activity menu
  4. Determine if there are any active users. If yes, send automatic message. 
  5. Use the folder icon (upper right) to select Close All.
  6. Set time delay to 0.
  7. Return to Status menu
  8. Click Blue on/off button upper right corner.  Will turn gray after database server has been shut down
  9. Log out of Console

Shut down FileMaker Server Services

  1. Access FileMaker Server Service.  From Windows Server 2016>> Windows Server Manager>>Tools (upper right)>>Services>>FileMaker Server (Note: You can also get to Services via control panel by typing Services>>view Local Services)
  2. Use Stop in upper left corner of Services window

Installing Patch

  1. On host machine, browse to installer and double click to extract folder
  2. In Windows 16, this automatically launches patch installer
  3. Read and click through installer dialog boxes

Once installed FM Server Services will automatically be started and with auto start set in the FileMaker Console (default setting for our machines), FM server will automatically restart and files will automatically open.

Checking in Console to verify

  1. Open FM Server Console window back up to verify that server is up and all files have reopened.

Clean up

  1. Move the extracted installer to the installers folder on the host machine.
  2. Trash the original download folder in the root directory

Additional Resources

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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November 17, 2017

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