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FSILG network information and troubleshooting

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Fiber Connectivity

Most MIT Fraternity, Sorority and Independent Living Group houses are directly connected to the MIT network with fiber connections either provided by MIT's fiber plant or by Lightower networks. MIT provides the network connection to the house as well as equipment for the house network border. This includes an MIT switch and a fiber interface device. IS&T maintains both the switch and fiber interface for FSILGs.

DO NOT power off the MIT switch or touch/disconnect the cables connected to this device. If you need bring this device down for ANY reason, please get in touch with in advance.


Connection to MITnet is 1Gbps direct fiber.

Wireless network

As of Fall 2014, the wireless network in all on and off campus FSILGs is provided and maintained by IS&T to be the same level of service as on campus dorms, academic and administrative buildings. For more information on the MIT wireless networks, please visit: The Wireless Networks at MIT

IP address space

For a list of building subnets, please see: FSILG network information and house links

Purpose Format Description
Static IP addresses 18.102.subnet.x Static IP addresses or hostnames are used for connecting devices to the MIT network that have a need to be uniquely and consistently addressable on the MIT network. Some examples include: web servers, file servers or printers.
Unregistered DHCP clients 18.2.x.y  
Registered DHCP clients 18.102.subnet.x  
MIT Open wireless 18.111.x.y IS&T recommends NOT using this network
MIT SECURE wireless 18.189.x.y  
MIT GUEST wireless 10.189.x.y  


How to contact IS&T

You can email the Service Desk at or call 617-253-1101, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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October 13, 2017

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