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FSILG network home page

Here you can find all information related to networking in the MIT fraternities, sororities and independent living groups. The content here should grow as more instructions are created. If you need a specific set of instructions that you do not see here, please send mail to

Page: FSILG static IP address reassignments (IS&T Contributions)
Articles in this section are only visible to IS&T staff

ILG-Net-Help Internal Content

Page: FSILG Network Contacts (IS&T Contributions)

General Network Information

Page: FSILG network information and MRTG links (IS&T Contributions)
Page: FSILG network overview and troubleshooting (IS&T Contributions)

Troubleshooting an Outage

Page: Network outage troubleshooting for FSILG network contacts (IS&T Contributions)

Getting Help

Page: Summer resident or guest network access in an FSILG (IS&T Contributions)

FSILG, IS&T Network Contacts

Page: My ILG doesn't have a Network Contact. What should we do? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: I AM the Network Contact for my ILG and I have questions, who should I contact? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: I am a new network contact for my FSILG. What do I need to know? (IS&T Contributions)
Page: FSILG network contact meeting slides (IS&T Contributions)
Page: FSILG Network Contacts (IS&T Contributions)

Hostnames and Static IP addresses

Page: Delete a hostname or static ip address for FSILG network contacts (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Create hostname with static ip address for FSILG network contacts (IS&T Contributions)

Managing internal switch equipment

Page: FSILG - How to check bandwidth use on Netgear switches (IS&T Contributions)
Page: FSILG - How to perform maintenance on Netgear switches including reset password (IS&T Contributions)
Page: FSILG equipment management URLs (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Netgear GS4700TP switch manuals for FSILGs (IS&T Contributions)

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 08, 2016

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