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External Appointments in GAP

External Appointment data covers funding that is not processed by the Institute and sent directly to the student and/or as sponsored billing payments. This data allows for better understanding of funding that comes from outside of the Institute and helps us understand the current funding landscape. The Outside Funding section for External Appointments includes options for reporting Sponsored or Self Supported funding for graduate students. These selections will provide better data to help us identify students in need of financial assistance.

All fields are mandatory in this section.

Selections when outside funding source is Sponsored

  1. External Appointment Type: the type of graduate appointment
    1. Fellowship/Scholarship: Award with separate designated amounts for Tuition and/or Stipend.
    2. Grant: Award of one packaged amount. Note, amounts must be separated for GAP Tuition and Stipend amounts to fit form constraints.
    3. Employer/Military Sponsorship: Award from an organization in return for a work commitment.
    4. Other: Award not covered elsewhere. Please describe in Internal comment section.
  2. Sponsor Type: the source of external funding
    1. U.S. Federal Government
    2. U.S. State Government
    3. U.S. Foundation/Nonprofit
    4. U.S. Institution of Higher Education
    5. U.S. Private Profit
    6. Foreign Federal Government
    7. Foreign State Government
    8. Foreign Foundation/Nonprofit
    9. Foreign Institution of Higher Education
    10. Foreign Private Profit
    11. Other: Sponsor Type not covered elsewhere. Please describe in the Internal comment section.
  3. Sponsor Name

Selections when outside funding source is Self Supported

  1. Self Supported Type
    1. Personal Funds
    2. Loans
    3. Combination of personal fund and loans
    4. Unknown

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October 08, 2020

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