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Q: Exporting and Importing Materials from Legacy Stellar to LMOD using Safari

  • How do I import assignments from Legacy Stellar to LMOD?


With the transition to the Materials Learning Modules for Stellar, clients are not able to directly import Materials from previous Stellar sites. Instead they need to export and then import the materials using the generated zip file. The downloaded file (export from Legacy Stellar Materials) is a structured zip file designed to be imported into LMOD Materials. By default, Safari automatically extracts a zip file when it downloads it.

If you don't change the defaults, you end up with the Materials unzipped into a folder that you cannot upload (import) to LMOD Materials. The instructions below will explain how to turn off the automatic extraction on Macs and links to the step by step instructions for importing materials once you change that setting.


  1. Safari -> Preferences -> General
  2. Uncheck "Open Safe Files After Downloading"
  3. Follow the instructions at Importing Materials/Homework from Stellar

If you like this feature in general, be sure to enable it after you have completed migrating your Stellar materials.

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December 05, 2016

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