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Q: What remote support tools are available within Jamf Pro and MECM?


The following applications are already available in Self-Service (Jamf) or the Software Center (MECM). Unless you've opted your computers out of the standard application deployments, you will see these apps available to install.

Application Automatic Patching via Ninite Automatic Patching via euc-patch
Available in Self-Service by Default
No Yes Yes
Zoom No Yes Yes
  • Automatic Patching via Ninite means that running the Ninite update command will automatically install the latest version of that app.
  • Automatic Patching via euc-patch means the the application can updated to the latest version via EUC Patching
  • Available in Self-Service means these applications are available in the Self-Service app (Jamf) or Software Center (MECM) by default. Unless you've opted out of standard software deployments. If so, you'll want to manually deploy your applications via Jamf or MECM.

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June 04, 2024

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