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Email (po14) outage workaround - 11-02-2011

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1.) Am I on the affected server?

If you are unable to receive email today, but your email account was working fine yesterday, then it's probable that you're on the affected email server. You can find out for sure by visiting:
This page is for informational purposes only. No form submission will be necessary.

Click Continue to load your current email information. Your IMAP POBox will be listed after a short delay.
The affected email server is PO14.MIT.EDU

Account Information

2.) Do I have to change my password?

On the same page, you'll find a line indicating whether or not you need to reset your password. If necessary, you can do so by visiting:

  1. Enter your MIT Kerberos username. Do not include in the username field.
  2. Enter your current email password
  3. Enter a new password twice
  4. Click Change your password

Change Your Kerberos Password

3.) Where do I go to be able to retrieve new email?

Your mail is being forwarded to a mailbox on the MIT Exchange servers. This service is running on different computers with different storage and is not affected by the email outage that is currently going on. Any email you received before 5:00PM is being queued or stored in your old mailbox and is not currently retrievable. Any mail you received after 5:00PM should be accessible through

Login using your MIT Kerberos username and password. Do not include in the username field.
OWA Login Screen

Logging in to will allow you to see and respond to any new messages.

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April 27, 2012

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