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Debathena Lucid Release Notes

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In August 2010, IS&T released the latest version of Debathena for the public cluster environment. This version is based on Ubuntu 10.04 ("Lucid").
With the upgrade from Debathena Jaunty to Debathena Lucid, IS&T is also transitioning the cluster environment to a 64-bit operating system.

Summary of Changes

Some of the most visible changes effective with this release are the following:

Operating System Changes:

Ubuntu 10.04 is an LTS ("Long Term Support") release. The 64-bit version is now installed by default when possible.

  • Ubuntu 9.04 ("Jaunty") upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 ("Lucid")
  • 32-bit operating system replaced with 64-bit operating system

Basic Application Software:

  • GNOME components (including Evolution) upgraded to version 2.30. This version of GNOME is included with Ubuntu 10.04 and includes significant improvements in features and usability.
  • Firefox upgraded to 3.6.8
  • The login screen (GDM) configuration has been redesigned to remain compatible with changes to the GDM software itself. The GNOME development team significantly re-designed the GNOME display manager (GDM) after Ubuntu 9.04, and this required a re-design of the customized Athena login screen.
  • The titlebars of windows have changed, and the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons have moved to the left side of the window. The GNOME development team implemented these changes.
  • The email icon has been removed from the panel, but is available under the "Internet" category of the Applications menu. The GNOME development team removed the standard email icon from the panel, replacing it with the new unified chat and email icon on the right side of the upper panel. Users can still access their Athena email under the Internet category of the Applications menu.
  • Support for the NMH mail handler and other legacy email clients has ended, although the software remains available on an as-is basis. For more information, see the [End of support for NMH and other legacy mail clients on Athena] announcement.
  • Better mobile device support, including support for iPhone and iTouch devices. Users of iPod Touch (iTouch) and iPhone devices can now manage photos, contacts, and music on their devices.

For Developers and Locker Maintainers:

  • The MIT PXE installer now supports 64-bit workstations and installs a 64-bit kernel when possible. The cluster environment is now all 64-bit, and the PXE installer will detect 64-bit processor support and install a 64-bit kernel when available. Some 32-bit libraries are provided for compatibility, though not all libraries are available. You may use to test your software. If you maintain academic software which cannot be used in any fashion on 64-bit operating systems, contact the IS&T Athena Release Team
  • Kerberos 4 support has been removed from the operating system. Support for Kerberos 4 has been phased out on all major operating systems at this point. Application developers should transition to Kerberos 5.
  • The default AFS sysname in the clusters will be amd64_ubuntu1004. Older sysnames, such as i386_deb50 and amd64_deb50 will continue to work, however software deployed specifically for Lucid should use the amd64_ubuntu1004 sysname.

For Private Workstation Owners:

  • Support for 64-bit workstations. While it was possible to install Debathena Jaunty on 64-bit workstations, IS&T did not provide formal support for 64-bit versions of the environment. The cluster environment is now all 64-bit, and the PXE installer will detect 64-bit processor support and install a 64-bit kernel when available. Some 32-bit libraries are provided for compatibility.

Technical Changes:

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August 04, 2016

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