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Configure Outlook for Mac 2016 or 2019 or 2021 for MIT Exchange Service

This article refers to Exchange Email and Calendaring. If you're looking for Office 365 Email and Calendaring, see: Office 365 - Email and Calendaring Landing Page.

If you're not sure which system you're using, see: How do I tell if my email and calendaring data is on the Exchange On Prem Server or using Office 365?


If you do not already have Outlook for Mac 2016/2019/2021, see Outlook for Mac: How to Obtain.

Note: If you have not changed your Kerberos password since March 2008, see [archive:Changing MIT Kerberos Account Password] and change your password before you attempt to configure your account.

Configure Outlook for Mac to Access Your MIT Email Account

The Automatic import feature will start the first time you open Outlook for Mac and help you import your MIT Exchange email and calendaring account settings for your e-mail accounts from your previous version of Outlook.

Illustrating these for the MIT environment:

    1. If you are new to Outlook or are installing Outlook on a new computer, the Get my Data window will have a button for Import. You can click the button to import all your settings and mail from a previous version of Outlook for Mac. If this is a new set up click Not Now

    2. If you don't have the Welcome screen, you can open the Accounts preferences from the menu Outlook > Preferences or from the menu Tools > Accounts.
      From the Accounts pane, click Exchange Account from the center,
      or click the Plus button at the bottom-left corner and choose the Exchange... item.

  1. Enter your account information.

    • E-mail address:  your MIT email address
    • Method: User Name and Password
    • User name: MIT email address
    • Domain or Email: MIT email address or\username as shown
    • Password:  Your email password.
    • If it asks for a domain, enter "\<username>", without quotes, where <username> is your Kerberos.
    • If it asks for a Server (optional), you MUST put "", without quotes.
    • Make sure Configure automatically is enabled
    • Press the Add an Account button.

      Some people find they must enter their email address in the format

  2. Outlook will detect your settings, and then will return you to the Account overview screen. Press the red button to close the Preferences window.

    You may see an Internet Security Warning dialog box if you have not already installed an MIT CA Certificate for Safari. To prevent this security warning dialog from occurring each time you log on to Microsoft Outlook, install the MIT CA Certificate for Safari. The easiest way to install the MIT CA Certificate is to use CertAid.

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October 04, 2021

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