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Configure Automatic Updates on OS X 10.8

In order to ensure that your Mac will automatically check for and install OS X updates as well as other updates for Mac software. Please note that in OS X 10.8 and later, all system updates take place through the App Store application.


  1. In the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
    Result: The System Preferences window appears.
    System Preferences

  2. Click on the Software Update icon located in the System row
    Result: The Software Update information is displayed.
    Software Update

  3. Check the box to the left of Automatically check for updates as well as the box to the left of Download newly available updates in the background and Install system data files and security updates. The last option for "Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs" is optional.

Tip: Click Check Now to immediately check for updates.

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October 25, 2012

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