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Code42 is asking me for a server address and registration key

MIT distributes a customized installer for Code42 which normally handles the details of connecting to MIT's server. However, there can be situations where the MIT customizations do not work:

  • This can happen if you are installing onto a computer that already had a prior installation of Code42
  • This can happen if you run the installer straight from the zip file without extracting the files
  • This can happen if you use a generic un-customized installer.

Try our custom installers

Try to solve this using our customized installers from the IS&T Download page:

Server address and registration key

If you still need to enter a server address and registration key:

  • Radio button: New Account
  • User Name: username (do not type in
  • Password: standard Kerberos/email password
  • Registration key: available here (requires MIT certificate)
  • PROe Server address:

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November 23, 2020

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