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Cisco Jabber - A Unified Communication Cluster

On March 31, 2016, MIT’s current XMPP-based instant messaging and group chat service was migrated from an OpenFire server to the Cisco Unified Communication cluster. Most features remain the same and the changeover may not have been noticeable to most users.

Features that will remain the same are:

  • XMPP standards
  • Username/password (MIT Kerberos idenity)
  • Contact list
  • Persistent group chat rooms and basic settings (group name, admins, public/private, members)
  • Hostname entry (
  • Persistent chat server alias (
  • Client access (Pidgin, Adium, iMessage)

Changes include:

  • Chat rooms are single owner, but can have multiple admins
  • Supports Kerberos username/password authentication, but does not provide GSSAPI/SSO via Kerberos tickets
  • You will need to reauthorize federated users (users outside the domain) by accepting the authorization request
  • Some chat room options have changed.

Example of configuring a chat room for Pidgin-Jabber:
chat room config

Example of configuring a chat room for Pidgin-Openfire:
Open Fire chat room config

Future enhancements include:

Moving to a consolidated UC infrastructure enabling VOIP softphone, video conferencing, and WebEx integration.

Those users currently using the Jabber with Pidgin, Adium or iMessage, will find migration to the new server automatic.

Using/Configuration Instructions

Users currently not using Jabber and wishing to do so may begin by downloading the Pidgin client for Windows, Adium for Mac, or by using the Mac’s resident iMessage app.

Instructions for configuring the client for Cisco Jabber can be found in the following KB articles:

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

Last Modified:

July 03, 2016

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