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Changes and customization made to Localist for the MIT Events Calendar

This is a behind the scenes article that provides an overview of the changes made and customization done to the Localist "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS) events calendar MIT has deployed as its central events calendar at

Default event search order

By default, Localist sorts combined search results (what you get when you use the global search box) by relevance, which is based on an internal relevance calculation that is not configurable. This was causing problems for us because there may be future events, for example in a series, that have a higher relevance ranking than their more recent siblings. It cause confusion among our users to see future events when searching in a series, but not the next most recent instance, for example.

To help with this, we updated the _search_bar component in the Wrapper section of the theme to set the sort order to be by date in the global search box. We changed:

Default _search_bar code


Default _search_bar code

Calendar Admin link opens in a new window

We have a lot of calendar admins (especially users with the "Events Admin" role at MIT. We received feedback that navigating to the "Calendar Admin" link from the user menu is confusing because a) it takes you out of the Events Calendar theme into a generic theme, and b) it is not intuitive how to get back to the public events calendar (one can click on the title in the Admin area, but it is not clearly marked as a link).

To help with this, we updated the _user_menu component in the Wrapper section of the theme to open the Calendar Admin link in a new browser window or tab, leaving the themed calendar open in the current window or tab. We changed:

Default _user_menu code


Modified _user_menu code

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November 26, 2017

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